Sick… During the summer… Wtf.

So I think I just came down with something my little bro had for a few weeks. If I am still sick till next week I guess I’m going to the doctors and seeing if it’s the same thing. If so, then that sucks. I have been taking some DayQuil, NightQuil and using my inhaler to see if maybe I can get rid of it, and going and taking a nap after work. So far I’m feeling a bit better but my nostrils are somewhat still leaking. Wish me luck on feeling better… I’m gonna need it… •~•




Young Avengers is a magical gift of LGBTQIAP+ amazingness. 

I was serious when I said Young Avengers was “a sharp and sassy superhero story that centers almost entirely on queer characters”.  

WHERE IS THIS CAUSE I NOW WANT TO READ IT. This is so far looking like a badass read right here. I’m not gay but I am for them since I have a few friends that are gay or lesbian. So… Booyah.